About us

Color Trip – a colourful variety of different musical influences, hard to say which style it belongs to: handmade rock music, characterized by a hard guitar riff which is the central theme of the songs. Driving groove, a wide synthesizer background and over all an oratorical voice. Songs with changing dynamics, powerful, rarely predictable even so catchy. From “heart to heavy”, sometimes straight, sometimes complex. A dab of paint for your ears, an alternative for the uniform light music. Alternative rock.

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         Joana – vocals Tom – keyboard Holger – guitar, vocals Joe – bass Sascha – drums

The band was founded in 1992 and had several changes of band mates during the years. It was time-consuming working on our first longplayer called „chromatophobia“. The CD finally was released in June 2020. Planned live play was unfortunately cancelled caused by pandemic and since November 2020 we are all locked down again. Still waiting for the return of normalcy. Stay tuned for more.